Title: Lexia Learning

Locations: www.mylexia.com

Summary: A diagnostic and systematic approach in teaching students reading skills.  Lexia supports the teaching of primary reading skills in school and at home.  It also has a component for older kids.  There are two components of Lexia which is student software that is installed on each student workstation and MyLexia, the web-based management system.

Contents: It provides explicit, systematic, and structured practice on the essential reading skills of phonemic awareness, phonics,fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  It is divided into two different parts for grade levels.

The first component is designed for ages 4 through 8 (grades pre-K through 4th), with activities built to ensure that students vacquire and improve critical pre-reading and basic reading skills.

The other components focuse on students from 9 years old to adulthood.

Strengths: Lexia allows students to work independently and at their own specific level.  Teachers can monitor students progress and teach according to Lexia recommendations.

The students can also monitor their own progress by looking at colorful graphs.  It comes with lesson plans for teachers to teach specific content.

Weaknesses: Lexia is very expensive.  Students can’t access it at home unless their is a current up to date computer with the proper software.  If the teacher does not teach along with Lexia, the students will not make any progress.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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