The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project


Summary: This site was established in 2007 to advocate for common core standards in all classrooms across America. The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project to help teachers incorporate the Common Core Standards in classroom instruction. This site contains curriculum maps that help translate the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts for Kindergarten through twelfth-grade.

Content: The Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project features curriculum maps for the English Language Arts Common Core Standards in Kindergarten through twelfth-grade. Each curriculum map includes six instructional units. Each unit begins with a brief overview of the unit: theme, learning outcomes, structure and progression of the unit, and guidance regarding selected texts. Each unit has one essential question, multiple focus standards, and numerous student objectives. Each unit also includes a list of suggested texts based on exemplar texts from the Common Core Standards. You can find information regarding art, music, and media; you can also look through sample activities and lesson ideas, refer to additional resources, plan lessons around focused terminology, utilize mini-maps, and develop interdisciplinary connections. The curriculum maps focus on building students’ background knowledge of a diverse array of people, places, events, and ideas.

Sample Instructional Unit: Grade 7, Unit 1

“Characters with Character”

Essential Question: What makes characters in historical fiction believable?

Sample Activities and Assessments

Strengths: This site provides helpful information regarding the Common Core Curriculum standards. Kentucky’s curriculum standards are changing from the current Kentucky Core Content for Assessment standards to the Common Core Curriculum standards. Sample activities and assessments are included in each instruction unit; art, music, and media components of the sample activities and assessments. The curriculum maps include a vast amount of helpful information, and the layout of the site makes navigating and finding information easy. The site features mini-maps that show a brief summary of the detailed curriculum map.

Sample Mini-Map: Grade 2, Unit 3

Weaknesses: This site does not allow educators to contribute ideas or discuss topics with other educators. A blog would be a great addition. The curriculum maps don’t mention activities that can be differentiated to meet the specific needs of learners.

Overall Rating (out of 5): 4.5/5  This site earns a 4.5/5 because it serves as an invaluable resource for English Language Arts teachers of Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

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