Title – EducationCity.com

Location - http://us.educationcity.com/us/content/login-page

Summary – This is an interactive website where students can choose learning activities in Language Arts, Math, Science, or Spanish Math. Each subject has animated activities that correlate with state standards.

Contents – The website can be used for Prek-6th grade.  Students will be on the grade level their teacher assigns them. As the students progress the activities will become harder as the students make achievements in that area.  If the students are struggling with a certain area, the website will have the students stay on the subject area until they achieve it, assuring students master the concept! Also, students have the option to PlayLive!  Students can log on and play against students in their same grade from schools across the county!  Students can PlayLive by having multiplication races against students from all over the country. The students have 60 seconds and the student with the most correct wins 1st.

Here’s a link for parents or teachers to have a free trial of EducationCity:


Strengths- One strength of EducationCity.com is teachers can create a MyCity.  A MyCity is where teachers can assign subjects and specific areas they want their students to practice.  The teacher can also select that their students take an assessment over what their students practice.  The teacher can log into his/her account and check on their students’ progress.  Another strength is that teachers can receive data on all their students informing them about their achievements and their areas of weakness.

Weaknesses – One weakness of EducationCity.com is the cost.  Each module (L.A., Math, Science, Spanish Math) costs around $469.

Overall rating -4.5 out of 5  I give the rating a 4.5 because everything about the website is great for students, teachers, and library media specialists to use in their classrooms, but the cost is the only downside.

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